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Project Description

An Executive Creative Director’s role within a company is not just about creating a brand image and culture for customers – it’s even more vital to create the brand culture internally. The biggest brand loyalist and customer must be the internal team of employees within the company. For a business to be successful, the passion must begin at the core.

In my twenty one years of experience, within the walls the companies I’ve work at, you’d find a culture of creativity and passion for achieving daily success that would rival any NYC agency or professional sports team.

I believe in communicating clear goals, both short term and long term. Every team member can articulate the problem we are trying to solve and what success looks like. If at times this is not clear, and with the changing environment of business that certainly happens, we sit as a team or individual one-on-ones and hash it out until the goal comes back into focus.

In a startup environment, rules of engagement can be unclear. How do we interact? What is the expectation of one’s role in the company. Along with my Creative Director, we wrote eleven principles to help define the culture at Blinker and how we need to interact as a community.

Creating trust

I have guided our teams to build a culture of transparency and trust. We are in an environment where our decisions are our lifeline and we must trust one another. To communicate that trust and to foster a culture of sharing experiences we created what we call the ‘Booya Wall’.

Team members give kudos to for big or small accomplishments to other team members. Each month we read them aloud in an informal all-company setting. It’s fun and empowers the teams to help out beyond their own personal needs.

Driving innovation

As well our survival requires our teams to innovate. To push boundaries and always be thinking of the future vision and version of our product. The Innovation Wall at Blinker is our concept space for future development. On the screens we share prototypes of new designs or builds the internal teams can explore and provide feedback, contributing to a constant cycle of thought leadership.