Global Broadcast
Head Tennis
Project details
  • ClientHead Global
  • Season2015
  • RoleChief Creative Officer
  • AgencyFactory Design Labs
Project details

I lead the creative charge in a successful pitch to win the global agency of record of Head Tennis and Head Ski. Our first project for Head Tennis was an international tv spot. As part of the production, we had the honor to work with Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic. That was the good part – the challenging part was, being global, we were asked not to have any speaking or verbal segments in the piece.

We crafted an emotional moment that every competitive tennis player knows – when you are down at the turn and need to rally. An amateur player was our muse – showing the duality and truth that exists in tennis – that no matter if you are The Joker or just a 3.5 player, you are the only one out there and you have to dig deep within yourself to rise to the challenge ahead.