Global Product Launch

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Project Description

FuseForm’s innovative construction technique seamlessly fuses light and strong together, effectively reducing weight and increasing performance. For the first time ever, TNF could now inter-weave different threads in their garments allowing durability, waterproofing and breathability to be blended instead of patchwork on the exterior.

The technology occurred at the fiber level, so it was difficult to see as a consumer unless you knew what you were looking for. This video and website landing page highlighted how the fabric construction came together to make a product.

Project Details
  • ClientThe North Face
  • Year2015
  • RoleChief Creative Officer
  • AgencyFactory Design Labs
  • CGILeviathan, Chicago
Fuseform video
Fuseform video full edit - in collab with Camp4
print - north america
print - EMEA
emea retail concepts
emea digital collateral
Fuseform landing page - interactive demos